What is YaoSoft Zune Video Converter?


zune video converter imageYaoSoft Zune Video Converter is a powerful video and movie converter for your Zune which helps you watch videos and movies on your Zune anywhere and anyway.It can convert video files of  AVI,MPEG,WMV,MOV,MP4,RM,RMVB,DivX,ASF,VOB and 3GP etc to Zune Video formats,e.g.WMV,MPEG4 and H.264.It can extract audio files from video files or movies to Zune audio formats,e.g.WMA,MP3 and AAC with a few clicks.No other program can convert so comprehensive audio and video files like YaoSoft Zune Video Converter by building in lots of codecs fast and easily with perfect quality.

Video to Zune Video Converter Features

  • Super fast speed provided,you can complete your conversion with a few clicks.
  • Multi-threading and batch conversion supported.
  • Easy to use as all properties and settings are displayed in the interface which are easily handled.
  • All encoders/codec are built-in for you to finish the supported conversion directly.
  • Auto-selects another proper codec for you once any problem occurs during the conversion.
  • Output path can be easily modified.
  • You can select video size,bit rate,NTSC/PAL,frame rate,audio codec,sample rate etc.
  • You can choose whether to disable the video or not when converting video files.
  • Excellent output quality.
  • Support Windows Vista.

YaoSoft DVD to Zune Video Converter is powerful DVD ripping software for Zune that helps you rip and convert DVD movies to Zune video formats including WMV, MPEG4 and H.264 and Zune audio formats including MP3, AAC and M4A fast and easily with perfect quality. It can complete your conversion with a few clicks and enables you watch your favorite DVD movie on your Zune anywhere and any way.

Compared with other DVD converter, YaoSoft DVD to Zune Video Converter is much easier to customize and offers a higher level of customization as it allows you to convert DVD by custom file size, rip DVD's any segment, supports select target subtitle and audio track, and so on.

DVD to Zune Video Converter Features

  • Super fast conversion speed.
  • Multi-threading and batch conversion are supported.
  • So easy to use that only a few clicks are enough and all properties and settings are displayed in the interface which you can handle easily.
  • Sound normalization is supported.
  • Excellent image and luxuriant sound are provided.
  • You may choose to retrieve DVD info from the internet automatically or manually.

Youtube to Zune Video Converter Features

  • Download you favorite video directly from YouTube.
  • Download and convert at same time.

YaoSoft as the publisher gives excellent FREE after service to buyers and FREE technical support to all trial users. And all users' emails will be replied within a business day except holidays or weekends! So powerful in function, so affordable in price, so easy in use, so fast in speed and so considerable in service! Why not FREE try it now?

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Zune Video Converter Screenshots

Zune Video Converter News

post date release description
03.03.2009 1.0.9 Due to YouTube update.
01.10.2008 1.0.6 Update license file save.
04.07.2008 1.0.5 Add choose multiple files.
14.06.2008 1.0.4 Due to YouTube update.
25.05.2008 1.0.3 Fix some bugs.
08.04.2008 1.0.2 Due to YouTube update.
09.03.2007 1.0.1 first release.

Software Requirements: Zune Video Converter (Running on Microsoft Windows Vista/98/Me/NT/2000/XP or higher) to convert DVD movies, videos into Zune. Microsoft Zune is required (supports Zune1 30GB and the new Zune2 80GB, 4GB, 8GB models).

Key Technical Specifications: Zune

  • Capacity: 30/80GB hard drive and 4/8GB flash drive. The first-gen Zune has been released on Nov, 06. The second-gen Zune 2 is on the market from Nov, 07.
  • Media supported: Zune can play both audio and video. WMV, MPEG-4 with H.264 codec and unprotected WMA, MP3, AAC are supported.
  • Music: The screen appears the album's cover when music be played.
  • Video size: 3 or 3.2-inch LCD high resolution screen, bigger than video iPod's 2.5-inch. The resolution is 320x240. Zune 8/4 models are 1.8-inch.
  • Color: Zune is available in many colors, including green, red, white, black, brown and pink.
  • WiFi capability: Zune users will be able to share music between via Wi-Fi.
  • Interact with an online music store: Just like iTunes.
  • Preloaded content: There are both audio and video ('30 Seconds to Mars', a great rock MTV videos, 'Serena-Maneesh', etc.).
  • Included: Fm radio tuner and TV output function.
  • Zune comes from the Argo project.

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